Safeguarding Policy            
  1. All employees of Creative Photoghraphy have been CRB checked. These checks are all enhanced checks.
  2. Our Photographer shall show CRB accreditation upon arrival at the establishment.
  3. On no occasion shall a Creative Photography member of staff have sole access to children.
  4. On no occasion shall a Creative Photography take pictures outside of the establishment unless accompanied by the parent or carer.
  5. Creative Photography shall not sell, trade or give any image to the national, local or international press of any description without written permission from a parent or guardian.
  6. If requested by a carer, parent or child not to take a photograph this shall be fully complied with and all relevant pictures shall immediately be deleted from the camera.
  7. Photographs will only be displayed on the Creative Photography website after a model release form is signed by a parent or guadian.
  8. All images are right click disabled to prevent unauthorised copying and/or image manipulation.
  9. Creative Photography Staff shall not drink alcohol, smoke or use inappropriate language in front of children.
  10. Creative Photography will do everything in its power to ensure images of children taken by Creative Photography are always held securely.